How To Refer a Child

  1. Referrals are received from professionals onlyWe cannot accept referrals directly from individual families. We accept referrals from program administrators, teachers, principals, social workers, nurses, doctors, etc. For larger organizations, please appoint a representative from your organization (school, hospital/unit, group) to be a single point of contact. This person will be responsible for:
  2. Helping and Providing mothers/guardian/family members of the referred children with the “Wish Referral Form” to complete, get back, and fax to us at (916) 354-9710. We’ll need your help verifying all wishes, double checking sizes with mothers, and being the liaison between us and the families.
  3. Referrals should indicate the hardship of the family and requests for new toys, new clothes, new shoes, new blankets and the like are provided. We are not able to provide large items such as furniture or appliances. We do not give out used items or accept used items from donors.
  4. Please rank wishes in order of priority on referral form. New clothes are ONLY provided if listed as a primary wish and correct clothing sizes are listed.
  5. Distribute all bagged completed wishes to your children or families in a timely manner once we deliver them to you or let us know if we need to deliver the items for you.
  6. Stay in contact with me (Traci Lillich) (916) 747-9555 as needed.
  7. Solicit friends, families, co-workers to help fulfill wishes for our giving tree.
  8. For referrals all year long, please fax your forms and leave a message.

 Click here for a printable referral form (accepted from professionals only)

It is that easy!!!!! Please call anytime,


Traci Lillich

Downloadable forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader. Get it here for free.