The requests for help are heartbreaking:

“Mom died and her kindergartner comes to school sad and hungry.”

 “I only want a real angel for Christmas.” 

“Homeless family in need of winter coats, shoes and blankets for their children.” 

“Pediatric ICU patient needs blankets, car seat, and baby clothes to be released from hospital.” 

“Pediatric Hospice patients would like a teddy bear with a voice recorder to record voice for Mom.” 

“Pediatric Hospice 4 year old terminal patient needs a stroller so that parents can get her out of the house since she is unable to walk anymore.”

“Long illness and hospitalization have been exremely hard and financially devastating on family, baby items needed to send baby home, and school clothes for other children requested.”

“Mom and Dad died, and the brother caring for him has been diagnosed with cancer…family requesting a RiverCats baseball game or tickets to the State Fair for the child to boost his spirits.”

“Group home teenagers in need of items for holidays”

These are referrals from local agencies seeking help from the Kylee Lillich Charitable Giving Tree. In its 11th year, our charity will make wishes come true for nearly 700 grieving, needy and hospitalized children this year.  Showing kids we care, the community cares, is what we’re all about.